Shoreham Solar Commons is a solar energy generation project that will bring an array of benefits to the community, including economic investment, job creation, and a reduction in the region’s carbon footprint. This project site will repurpose the Tallgrass Golf Course.

This clean energy initiative also reaffirms New York’s commitment to generating green, homegrown power, by utilizing one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources in America.

What People Say


Solar energy projects, like the one proposed in Shoreham, have proven successful across the state and nation at creating local jobs, reducing air pollution, stabilizing the energy grid, and helping meet peak summer energy demands.


Jordan Christensen
Citizens Campaign Environment


The beauty of [Shoreham Solar Commons] is that it will be heavily shielded from view…it’s a passive use of the land. The project site will repurpose the Tallgrass Golf Course.


Kevin Parzyck

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